When we moved into the house, we were expecting a baby, my husband was starting a new job, and we had two elementary school-age children starting at a new school. A lot of our kitchen items were shoved into the nearest drawer or shelf with minimal thought to how we’d use it. Our main goal was to get it all unpacked as quickly as possible, which resulted in haphazard and spotty organization in the kitchen that we had been living in for almost ten years! My family spends a lot of time in the kitchen, but we’re constantly bumping into each other trying to find what we need. It was frustrating, but it never occurred to me to rethink the process until Christine came to the rescue.

Once we put some thought into how we used the items in our kitchen, and when, and by whom, we were able to devise a much better organizational system. The kitchen just flows better. We spend a lot less time looking for things, and there is even enough counter space for the kids to do their homework while I am cooking. Both my daughter and my oldest son are trying out baking projects more often, which surprised me! And my youngest son has claimed his own spot on the counter where he now eats his breakfast. Everything just makes sense, and we really enjoy using the kitchen now. The best part is that no one has to ask me where to find things any more! I have hired Christine for a number of projects in my home, and I highly recommend her.

Marissa Huang

My husband Tristan and I had been struggling for a way to find more space in our condo for our growing family, but we were unsure of our seemingly crazy thought to turn our closet into a mini bedroom for our son, Noah. We had too much stuff and felt overwhelmed by all of it.

Christine came over to have a look and talked with me in detail about our needs. I was thrilled that she thought the closet idea was great, and even happier with her proposal to rearrange the entire room to enhance our living situation. The two of us spent the afternoon rearranging furniture, decluttering, and better organizing existing storage space.

About two hours into the reorganizing, Tristan came home from work. I wasn’t sure how he would react to the drastic changes, especially in the middle of the process, but he was thrilled! His immediate reactions ranged from ‘Wow, this actually feels like a bedroom now!’ to ‘It’s so spacious!’ to ‘I can finally get dressed in the morning without waking up Noah!’ to ‘This is really great!’ He was so motivated after Christine left that he completed the final steps that she had recommended, before dinner! I too was thrilled with the results!

I can honestly say that Christine has transformed our lives! Noah is finally sleeping through the night now that he has his own space and Tristan and I are relishing our new, more private bedroom!

I realized that the main reason I was hesitant to tackle this on my own was because of how large of a task it was, but she made it very easy. Working with Christine was one of the best decisions I have ever made. I highly recommend her!

Erin Bachus

I liken Christine’s ability to transform spaces using existing furniture to the San Francisco 49ers head coach Jim Harbaugh. When you look at what Harbaugh did with that team… the team that he took over… he basically took 95% of the SAME players under Mike Singletary, TURNED them into a 13 and 3 loss, and took them to the Super Bowl with almost the EXACT same players!

You would be hard pressed in the history of the league – I’m willing to bet – to find a more striking contrast as to what kind of impact a coach can have on a team. That’s what I think of when I think about Christine’s space planning skills!

I have witnessed first hand how people react to Christine’s room configurations, as if the furniture pieces were custom-designed specifically for that room. Her ability to create beautiful, comfortable, and cozy spaces using existing furniture goes beyond the technical applications of feng shui elements. It’s intuitive for her, not formulaic. It’s not something that can be taught. She understands how rooms flow, and she knows how to bring out the full potential of the furniture pieces, the energy of them, and how they play together.

Chris H.

My desire to start working from home presented some obstacles. I needed a physical separation from our 1-year-old and the nanny to be productive, and I also wanted a space to call my own because my work environment (aesthetics, lighting, etc.) has a real impact in how I work. But we had no extra space in the house, and our home office was already being used by my husband. He and I were too close to the situation with our individual and competing needs, so at the recommendation of a friend I reached out to Christine.

Her work completely exceeded my expectations. We were able to utilize furniture from other rooms in the house, avoided having to dispose of or buy any additional furniture, and found a space that met my needs. Her solution was something we would never have thought of, and we had it all set up in less than 3 hours. Not only was I happy with the results, but I also enjoyed the whole process in working with Christine. She was professional and collaborative. She listened to our needs, came up with multiple options and wasn’t afraid to weigh in, even if her opinions were different from my husband and mine.

Christine helped us find common ground and a solution that we could both happy with. I am now sitting in my new home office with a big smile on my face! I would highly recommend hiring her.

Judy Chen

Before Christine came over to help, my home office was a chaotic mess of boxes, piles, wrong colors, and inaccessible materials. Definitely NOT an inviting place, or a place that lent itself to concentration. In just under six hours, Christine turned the space around, literally, helping me to understand what I needed to do to make it work for me, how to incorporate colors that blended instead of fought with each other, and how to effectively utilize the furnishing I already owned. Now I have an pleasant, functional, and personalized home office.

As often happens, I was overwhelmed by the project causing me to continually procrastinate addressing it. By working with Christine I was finally able to sort through years worth of “stuff”, some useless, some invaluable, getting it organized and discarding much of it guilt free. Christine kept me on track; kept my eye on the goal.

Christine took the time to assist me in focusing on what it was I wanted for an end result with the space, enabling me to make the decisions I needed to make in order to move forward. I liked the way she broke it down into manageable segments, allowing me to see through the clutter and chaos. Her patience, creativity and practical approach made it all possible.

Thank you Christine. I couldn’t have done it without you.

Janet Zola, MPH

Christine has made us realize that we don’t need to get a bunch of new “stuff”, and that we can use our existing furniture to make the space work for us. By implementing some of her principles of space organization and design, not only were we able to change the look and feel of the room, but it also changed our family dynamics.

We now have more space in the entry way, and the walkways around the dining table has widened a lot – a big plus. With the bookshelf where it is now, my husband says it has made him want to read all the books that he bought but hasn’t read yet! We also like that we can now put all of our photos on the credenza. It makes that area more pulled together and contains what can easily be clutter.

The changes to our living area have also changed my family dynamics. It feels cozier, and now when my husband and I spend time with our three kids (watching TV, playing board games, or just hanging out together on the couch), we are not as distracted as before and feel more “connected.” This change in how we were using our space has made us “closer”, both physically and figuratively. It’s nice and unexpected.

We never thought of space planning in the way Christine approaches it, and it has given our space a real purpose. Needless to say, we are very happy with the new layout and would highly recommend her.

Corrina Lam

My home did not feel like a home until Christine transformed it in only three hours one afternoon. Our home was filled with clutter and misplaced furniture. The fengshui and chi just did not feel right. I don’t know if it ever did, and I’ve been living in my home for over 10 years. I became frustrated over time and knew the only person who could do this right was Christine.

Christine has a spectacular eye for simplicity, elegance, functionality, and space. She can read what a room needs in a matter of minutes and knows how to turn the energy around in an instant. She can tell you simple ways to enhance your home, where to place furniture to bring out the most light and functionality, and even where to place photos to bring out the best energy. What I especially appreciate about Christine is that she sees the big picture while also taking into consideration every little detail.

Christine is very friendly, customer-service driven, and highly engaging from the minute you meet her. She offered terrific insights and ideas that I would have never thought of in a million years, and she gave us options to work with that addressed multiple interests. She just has the most unique and creative talents out of anyone I know! She brings it all together with the best synergy of life, creativity and functionality in an incredibly short time. I love it.

When I come home now, I just feel relieved, proud and in love with my surroundings, and it’s all because of Christine’s excellent work!

Cindy H.

I was a bachelor living like an overgrown college student when I met Christine about 16 years ago. She had the guts to be honest enough to tell me that I was living like a slob as a single professional guy (a lawyer with no dates!), and that I deserved better. How could I bring a date home when I used a bed sheet for living room curtains that hung on paper clips?

She came up with the novel idea of throwing an “Apartment Rearrangement Party” where I provided free pizza and beer in exchange for labor from close friends. In all, 14 people showed up to my place one Saturday evening, and for the next two hours, she directed what furniture should be moved where. Before we knew it, all the furniture was rearranged, none of it was thrown away (although looking back, that’s really what I should have done!), and my apartment was suddenly comfortable in ways I could not have imagined!

It was like an episode out of Queer Eye before that TV show even existed!

The following year, when I purchased my first home and needed to hire an interior designer to revamp the place, I insisted that Christine come with me to look at a model home of a designer I was seriously considering. Immediately after we left, she refused to let me hire him and steered me to my second choice designer who had the right balance between simple, cost-effective and tasteful. Not only did she prevent me from making a huge mistake, but she also saved me a ton of money! She also helped me to review the layout plans before the work began and gave me helpful suggestions to give it just the right touch. Today, I don’t make any home design decisions without Christine’s input (notwithstanding the fact that I’m now on assignment in Shanghai–she’s just a Skype call away!).

Christine has a natural knack for rearranging rooms and furnishings to maximize the flow, comfort, aesthetics, and efficiency. She uses what is already there and doesn’t require spending insane amounts of money. She is fun to be around and kind hearted, and yet she knows how to guide the process and keep things on track. She loves what she does, and it’s infectious when she shows up to the house with her “Let’s do this!” attitude, which other people have also mentioned in their reviews.

Most of all, she doesn’t push you to let go of your “stuff” if you’re not ready (That’s me!). Instead, she will figure out where best to put everything based on the layout of your home, the available storage space, and how frequent (or not) they need to be accessed. Christine often jokes that she must have been a lawyer in her past life because she is very, very logical, and very detailed in her thinking. As a lawyer myself, I’d say she’d make a GREAT lawyer!

Michael D. Lee