Office Space Redefined (San Francisco)

Businesses are very similar to our personal lives in that they are constantly evolving.

Markets are always changing, and that impacts business priorities, resources, and staffing needs. The existing office space must be able to accommodate. Large companies have entire facilities departments to handle it. But for small businesses, space planning and organizing expertise isn’t necessarily found in-house.

The issues can be ignored for only so long before the chaos and clutter begin to negatively impact productivity and outright drive you nuts.

If you have a small business and find yourself in this predicament, contact me for an on-site consultation. I can organize anything (well almost anything!) and create a welcoming and inviting space in so doing.



Client Testimonial:

“We hired Christine to to re-organize our office space to help us accommodate to our growing operations. The pictures speak for themselves. We highly recommend her!”

Judy Yee
EVP of Marketing & Business Strategy
Crystal Geyser

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Before & After:


Before & After:


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