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Felice Cohen – 90 to 500 sq ft

Felice Cohen is a writer, artist, and professional organizer based in New York City. Five million people have seen this video of her 90 square foot apartment on YouTube: Then she moved to an apartment in the Upper West Side that is more than 5 times bigger than the first...
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George Carlin: Too Much Stuff!

Here is a hilarious video of George Carlin that was featured earlier this year on LifeEdited. He talks about the consequences of having too much stuff! And it’s funny. Excerpt: “In this it’s-funny-because-it’s-true riff, Carlin highlights how our lives are often centered around the stuff we accumulate, begging the question:...
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Guest Post on

Last week I submitted a cute story to about a New York Times article that I had read a few years ago entitled “But Will It Make You Happy?” and how it forever changed the way that I celebrated Christmas with relatives in the Bay Area. The article was...
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