My desire to start working from home presented some obstacles. I needed a physical separation from our 1-year-old and the nanny to be productive, and I also wanted a space to call my own because my work environment (aesthetics, lighting, etc.) has a real impact in how I work. But we had no extra space in the house, and our home office was already being used by my husband. He and I were too close to the situation with our individual and competing needs, so at the recommendation of a friend I reached out to Christine.

Her work completely exceeded my expectations. We were able to utilize furniture from other rooms in the house, avoided having to dispose of or buy any additional furniture, and found a space that met my needs. Her solution was something we would never have thought of, and we had it all set up in less than 3 hours. Not only was I happy with the results, but I also enjoyed the whole process in working with Christine. She was professional and collaborative. She listened to our needs, came up with multiple options and wasn’t afraid to weigh in, even if her opinions were different from my husband and mine.

Christine helped us find common ground and a solution that we could both happy with. I am now sitting in my new home office with a big smile on my face! I would highly recommend hiring her.

Judy Chen