When we moved into the house, we were expecting a baby, my husband was starting a new job, and we had two elementary school-age children starting at a new school. A lot of our kitchen items were shoved into the nearest drawer or shelf with minimal thought to how we’d use it. Our main goal was to get it all unpacked as quickly as possible, which resulted in haphazard and spotty organization in the kitchen that we had been living in for almost ten years! My family spends a lot of time in the kitchen, but we’re constantly bumping into each other trying to find what we need. It was frustrating, but it never occurred to me to rethink the process until Christine came to the rescue.

Once we put some thought into how we used the items in our kitchen, and when, and by whom, we were able to devise a much better organizational system. The kitchen just flows better. We spend a lot less time looking for things, and there is even enough counter space for the kids to do their homework while I am cooking. Both my daughter and my oldest son are trying out baking projects more often, which surprised me! And my youngest son has claimed his own spot on the counter where he now eats his breakfast. Everything just makes sense, and we really enjoy using the kitchen now. The best part is that no one has to ask me where to find things any more! I have hired Christine for a number of projects in my home, and I highly recommend her.

Marissa Huang