My husband Tristan and I had been struggling for a way to find more space in our condo for our growing family, but we were unsure of our seemingly crazy thought to turn our closet into a mini bedroom for our son, Noah. We had too much stuff and felt overwhelmed by all of it.

Christine came over to have a look and talked with me in detail about our needs. I was thrilled that she thought the closet idea was great, and even happier with her proposal to rearrange the entire room to enhance our living situation. The two of us spent the afternoon rearranging furniture, decluttering, and better organizing existing storage space.

About two hours into the reorganizing, Tristan came home from work. I wasn’t sure how he would react to the drastic changes, especially in the middle of the process, but he was thrilled! His immediate reactions ranged from ‘Wow, this actually feels like a bedroom now!’ to ‘It’s so spacious!’ to ‘I can finally get dressed in the morning without waking up Noah!’ to ‘This is really great!’ He was so motivated after Christine left that he completed the final steps that she had recommended, before dinner! I too was thrilled with the results!

I can honestly say that Christine has transformed our lives! Noah is finally sleeping through the night now that he has his own space and Tristan and I are relishing our new, more private bedroom!

I realized that the main reason I was hesitant to tackle this on my own was because of how large of a task it was, but she made it very easy. Working with Christine was one of the best decisions I have ever made. I highly recommend her!

Erin Bachus