My Approach to Organizing

The Big Picture

Being able to bring out the full potential of a home is my core strength. I take into account the use of space, the placement of the furniture, the lighting, the colors, the energy of the room (qi optimization) and other factors – because a room can still feel uncomfortable even if it is very organized.

Practical and Resourceful

When it comes to rethinking the use of space, I always recommend that we use existing furniture first and see what we can do, before we consider replacing them with new purchases. Often times it is the placement of the furniture – not the furniture itself – that can make all the difference.


When people seek my help, they often begin with the means – not the end. The real question is, “What is it about the space that causes so much grief? What do you want it to be?” Once we drill down to the core issues, the solutions are often much broader than what was first imagined.


I follow one simple rule when it comes to organizing – it needs to make sense. It’s one thing to pull all the contents out of a closet, reorganize them, and put everything back. It’s another to ask, “Does this ‘stuff’ even belong here to begin with?” I help people to figure out the most logical use of their space.


I am a big believer in being thorough and doing things right the first time. It may mean more work at the outset, but the integrity of the process pays off in the long run.


I take client confidentiality very seriously since I enter people’s homes and see practically everything. Because my business relies heavily on personal referrals, discretion is of utmost importance. To learn more about my code of ethics, click here.

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