In-Home Consultation

Want advice from an expert so you can proceed on your own with confidence? Details

Home Organizing

If your home is disorganized and is affecting you and your family, I can help. Details

Home Office Organizing

Do you need to set up a home office or feel frustrated with the one you have? Details

Small Business Organizing

Need help organizing and making better use of your office space? Details

Home Office Organizing

If you are feeling frustrated and unproductive with your home office, I can provide solutions so that it serves you like it should. Likewise, if you need a home office, I can create a space in your home where you will feel fully engaged and inspired.

ARTICLE: How I built a global network from home

Creating a comfortable home office doesn’t require a lot of money, nor do you need a complex filing system or furniture modules to make it work well for you.

* Case Study – Zola Home Office

It just needs to a) meet your specific objectives, b) cater to your natural inclinations so it makes sense to you, and c) reflect your personal style for a space is uniquely yours.


$150 – “Pay as we go” hourly rate
$375 – Per organizing session (3 hours)
$999 – 3 organizing sessions (9 hours)

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